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Tibetan Sound Healing Certification Courses in Rishikesh

Sound healing is one of those techniques which vanish away all the stress and tension of a stressful life. The impact is all over the body. It is said that the mood of a person gets affected by the sound that is there. Tensions also get resolved by sounds. It has been scientifically proven, stress etc. gets taken care of by sound and a sense of well-being gets created in the individual. It is a part of the Mantra chanting technique. This course puts into effect. This course helps is a unique combination of old techniques with modern lifestyle.


Encounter the richness of sound healing frequencies to transform your stress into calmness. Avail the fruits of the recent discovery of an aged Tibetan Technique of Healing a human body. Who knew that the sound can be so powerful alone to heal something that we call earthly discomforts. But the benefits of sound healing are astonishing in almost every way.

Sound healing has always been an effective and proven method of releasing stress from the body. Toxins from the body are easily released with the help of this technique. This technique uses vibrational effects to get relief from bodily and mental stress. Restore the balance of the mind by experiencing the best Sound Healing In Rishikesh and also relish a deep impact on the body and soul. Promote the health and well-being with the gentle Harmonic vibrations of this ethnic sound therapy.

Course Overview

Tibetan Sound Healing Therapy in Rishikesh, India

Sound healing works on such a holistic level that it makes the brain work in a positive direction and creates such an energy field that, that healing happens. It is able to create a peaceful state of mind, in a person thereby, inducing meditative bliss. The brainwaves of the person harness such energy that they make a person ready for meditation and other such activities. This releases the blockages inside a person and paves the way for relaxation and other positive emotions. This therapy is like a full body massage.


Benefits Of Sound Healing:

  • Relaxation state of mind
  • Profound meditative experience
  • Restored balance
  • Clearing of blocked energy
  • Feel refreshed and rejuvenated
  • Deep relaxation


What is Sound healing?

Sound healing is getting more and more prominent in today’s world especially in the field of healing and spiritual transformation. If we generalize the term sound healing, it refers to as – healing through sound. And singing bowls have been used for many centuries for fulfilling the purpose.

A singing bowl is a type of bell that is shaped like a bowl of varying sizes. A fine proportion of sacred metals are used in making singing bowls with the art of hammer and tuning. These metals gives a set of overtones to these bowls which can be seen in the unique frequency and vibration of these bowls. When we hit the bowls with a wooden mallet, it produces a rich blend of harmonic sounds which aids in the meditative process and have a direct effect on our chakras – energy centers. These mystical sounds and vibrations helps in reducing stress, meditation, deep relaxation, chakra balancing and overall holistic healing.

How does sound healing therapy work?

For this we need to understand our existence as a physical self. Our nervous system is a fine cluster of such sophisticated architecture, so many nerves spreading here and there, connecting and binding all our organs together so that each works in tune with the other. And our nervous system is sensitive to sounds. Loud and harsh sounds may hurt several delicate parts of our nervous system and cause damage while the rhythmic, harmonious sounds produced from the singing bowls has a profound healing effect on our whole nervous system.

Also, if we see our body it is made up of trillions of cells, and our nervous system is in continuous communication with all of them. Also, if we look inside a cell, this is what modern science says, it is made up of atoms and inside these minute atoms there’s basically vibrations or wave particles, continuously vibrating at a particular frequency. Thus, the external vibrations from the bowls are basically used for balancing the vibrations that we are – at our very core of our existence.

Daily Schedule for Reiki Courses in Rishikesh

All packages include:

  • Registration Fee
  • Program Fee
  • Study Material with necessary stationary
  • Yoga Kit with complimentary T-shirt and stainless-steel water bottle
  • Accommodation in a clean and spacious room
  • Three nutritious and healthy satvik meals per day from Monday till Saturday Lunch
  • Two herbal Tea daily and unlimited filtered drinking water
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary car service to and from Rishikesh airport/train station
  • Complimentary excursion during the course
  • Complimentary Ayurvedic Massage

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The deposit is non-refundable if the booking is canceled due to any reason.1 Time transfer to another month course is possible with prior 35 Days Notice. within 35 Days notice, No request will be accepted and your deposit amount will be forfeited.

The rest of the payment should be paid 1 day before the course commencing.

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Strict Policy (No Refund):


No reason for sickness, travel to another part of India or any unavoidable circumstances will be accepted within 45 Days if someone wishes to cancel and get it to refund or transferred to another month within 45 Days from Date of starting the Course. In case of Cancellation for any reason or No-Show – Your deposited amount will be forfeited.2nd request to transfer to another month course will not be accepted and you need to send us a fresh request for joining. Rishikesh Vinyasa School reserves right to refuse your admission if you do not pay the balance fee in CASH upon arrival. Once you check In, Joined the course and then wishes to cancel will not be accepted and your Full payment of the fee will be forfeited.