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Braydon Miller (Alberta)
Yoga for Beginners

Mohan was an incredible Yogi, and the entire staff was nothing short of excellent. My girlfriend has been doing yoga for many years, and I am a beginner, but Mohan accommodated our different skillsets and made each of our yoga experiences challenging. It was so good that we were supposed to do 3 days worth of classes, but we ended up doing.

Claudinha Papilia (Netherlands)
Yoga Teacher Training Course

The Swami vivekananda yoga and meditation foundation made my stay in Rishikesh very pleasant. I even came back after 2 months to learn more from Mohan. Its incredible how Much attention hé gives to each and every student, i really felt like i counted and learned so much in only 2 weeks of taking 2 classes a day. His ashtanga is very unique, i never had such cool challenging classes. It made me feel special and confident, i dont know how hé does it but theres magic in each and single class.. The other teachers were taught by mohan and hé learns them his skills so theyre becoming as great teachers as him

Corinna Coco
Yoga Teacher Training Course

Mohan and his Team definitely know how to teach yoga! I met Mohan the very first time last year September and since then returned twice to Rishikesh to study with him. Always an open heart if you wish to talk or discuss something. The very first time I could enjoy pranayama was with him, also ashtanga and Hatha classes are amazing. He always consider new people in the class and perform & explain the asanas before we perform alltogether! Great team! All of you! Continue teaching

Chris Cunnane
Yoga & Meditation

The best yoga school in Rishikesh for drop in classes and also for yoga teacher training courses. I completed a 7 day intensive, 1 month 200hr teacher training and 2 weeks of drop in classes here. Brilliant teachers and classes, go try Rajan's ashtanga vinyasa classes and Subham's hatha classes

Daniele Deepak Manno
Yoga Course

Great experience and great grouth! Practising yoga here has been exciting and fullfilling. Thanks to Mohan, Shubham, Rajan, Himanshu and Deeksha for making us feel so good. I sincerely hope to have the opportunity to be back soon!

Paula Garcia
Yoga for Beginners

This School definitely knows how to teach Yoga! They were the best Yoga teachers I’ve ever had. I know I will go back to Índia soon so I can learn more with them! The teachers always had an open heart and a smile on their faces, and they were always available if you wish to talk or discuss something. It’s really incredible how much attention they give to each and every student. The Yoga Teacher training from Mohan is truly great. A great team with an amazingly positive energy!

Tanya Kudryavtseva
Yoga & Meditation

Mohan ji is a great teacher, after 1 week classes I felt my body is more stretched and strong then after 1 month teachers training. Very personalized and friendly way of teaching, perfect adjustment. The classes are dynamic as they should be in ashtanga, but not to much. Feel myself awesome and full of energy after Mohan's classes. Highly recommended. Wish you all the best!

Yana Pasternak
Yoga Teacher Training

The best teacher I have ever had in yoga. I spent a week taking classes at his school and it was absolutely incredible. I am heading back to India shortly specifically to learn more from him! Can't wait! :)