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How to Reach Us

Our school is located on the other end of the river Ganges in the northern part of the Rishikesh. Rishikesh is a famous spiritual place around the world. Which is very well connected to the world. It is at a distance of 240 km. from the National capital, Delhi. and connected directly to Delhi by all the main means of traffic.

Your journey to reach here from any corner of the world will may be complete in 3 steps. The first step of journey is to reach Delhi. second phase of Journey is From Delhi to Rishikesh. The third and final phase of the journey is to reach here from Rishikesh or directly from Delhi. Here we are informing you the way to reach us from Delhi and Rishikesh.

The nearest Airport is the Dehradun Air Port, which is also known as jauligrant Airport and it is 30 km away from Rishikesh. It is directly connected to Delhi. From here the daily flights between Delhi and Rishikesh are operated. So it’s a good option for you. You can take a flight and after that you can take Cab to reach here.

Same as, the Nearest Railways Station is Rishikesh, which is only 7 Km Far from here. From there you can also take Taxi or you auto to reach us.

You can directly take a cab from Delhi to Rishikesh. it will hardly take 5-6 Hours from Delhi to here. And its rent will be around 3500 Rupees.

And the last option is public transport. You can take public buses to reach here from Delhi. These buses will drop you to Rishikesh Bus Station from where you can reach us via cab or auto.

Local Detail

Jonk and Karmola are the two famous Village of Rishikesh which is Recognized as Yoga villages. lots of famous yoga school is situated here, Our school is also one of them. These two villages are located on the other side of river Ganges. To reach here, it is necessary to cross the River Ganges.

In the entire Rishikesh region, the river Ganges can be crossed only in four places. Whereas Garuda Chatti and Ganges Barrage are the only paved bridges through which can be reached OTHER SIDE OF GANGA by the taxi. Rest two Bridges Ram jhula Bridge and Lxman Jhula Bridge are rope bridge which can only cross by two wheeler or by walk.

After reaching Rishikesh market you can come our school through cab or can come to ram jhula and Laxman jhula through auto. after that you can complete your rest distance by walk.