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Food and Accommodation

There are 3 important components of any yoga course. First yoga course, second accommodation and last is meal.
Keeping these in mind, course fees are determined. We have also done the same.
While booking yoga course, student has the freedom to choose food and accommodation Facilities separately with his/her yoga course.

  • Student can choose course without Accommodation and Food Facility.
  • Students can choose both food and accommodation Facility with the yoga course.
  • The yoga course can also be choose without accommodation but with the Convenience of food.
  • Similarly, yoga courses can also be Book with accommodation but without food facility.
  • If two people prefer to live in the same room in a particular case, then they will not be required to pay a       separate accommodation fee. In that case they will only pay the fee of a Single room.


Yoga is a way to purify mind and soul. It is necessary to keep in mind that yoga should be done if there is a hygienic environment. Swami Vivekananda Yoga & Meditation School provides a proper neat and clean accommodation to our student. Individual rooms are also provided to students with proper facilities such as; Attached Bathrooms, Bed, Hot water as well as Cold water, In order to maintain proper sanitation, Rooms are cleaned daily and bed sheets are changed and washed on a regular basis. Same we expect from our students that they also maintain hygienic surroundings.

  • Hand towel
  • Sunglasses/Goggles
  • Flash/Torch
  • Tea mug
  • Water Bottle
  • Cozy, Comfortable clothes for yoga
  • Walking shoes
  • Toiletries
  • Laptop or tablet (If you like to use Internet Wi-Fi)

Our Daily Routine for Accommodation

Daily Routine

Wake up

5:15 am

Herbal tea

05:45 am


09:30 am


01:00 pm


03:45 pm


07:30 pm

Lights off

10:00 pm

Note*     The above time may change according to the different courses.


In Yogic life, eating the right food always plays an important role What we eat, not only influences our physical well-being, but also our emotions and thoughts. Nowadays, the main reason for deteriorating health is eating foods which take time to digest and as a result it make us intolerant, moody, short-tempered, agitated and frantic. However, yogic food has a healing effect on our body which calms down our mind & spirit and enables us to live harmoniously.

"Good Food leads to Good Mood"

Keeping in mind these facts, Swami Vivekananda Yoga & Meditation School provides you proper balanced and healthy yogic diet which provides you adequate energy to start your day so that you performed each and every asana with full enthusiasm.