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Daily drop in Classes simply means short term courses which can be easily left after completion of basic yoga postures and pranayama.
Drop in Classes are focused on easy to intermediate yoga asanas, pranayama techniques for self-practice and basic meditation.
The drop in classes are those classes which have a mightiness to give you knowledge in very short time. When it comes to gain yogic knowledge in short time, it means come with an open heart and full enthusiasm.
'Drop in classes are more effective than a certified yoga course, it allows you to go deeper in very short time. I am not saying that you will become a professional, but I am happy to say that you will learn as much as you can do the best self-practices. Drop in classes at Vivekananda Yoga School will encourage you to join a yoga course ahead.
Drop in classes are like tasting a spoon of soup to know the taste of the soup. The fear of wasting money on yoga courses will be 0% when you taste this beautiful spoon of soup.', said Maria (United Kingdom), flashing her eyes.​

S.No. Name of Class Hall A Hall B
1. Pranayama 07:00 am 06:00 pm
2. Yoga for Beginner 08:00 am 10:15 am
3. Ashtanga Vinyasa 09:15 am 04:30 pm
4. Hatha Yoga 04:00 pm 08:00 am
5. Meditation 06:45 pm ------
6. Mantra Chanting ------ ------
7. Yoga Philosophy ------ 01: 00 pm
8. Yoga for Beginner 05:30 pm ------
9. Hatha Yoga Flow ------ 03:00 pm
10. Reiki Healing and Courses On Appointment
11. Private Lesson On Appointment