500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

RYT-500 Yoga Course Rishikesh

Our 500 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India is a full package course for motivated students who wish to complete a 200 and 300 hours together.

We offer back to back 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher training program. We have a wonderful history of our 200 hour graduates enrolling with us itself for the 300 hours course. And not mention, some students who have the time and resources certainly opt for the 500 hours course. A huge plus point to the 500 hours course is attending a well crafted course with detailed attention focusing on each level. Doing a 200 and a 300 hours yttc with the same school ensures consistency in the knowledge and information shared and gained and a lot of depth to it.

This 500 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India comes with a week off in-between level 1 and level 2 to provide a student the much needed break after the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh. During this break a student can choose to simple relax or attend other courses ( like reiki, yoga therapy and many more offered in our school or any where in Rishikesh) or simply enjoy the beauty of Rishikesh and Uttarakhand (if trekking and other sight seeing’s are on the checklist of a student) Stay in the school during the one week off is totally free and included in the full course fee.

Our aim — to provide our students a holistic yoga teacher training experience enriched with yogic traditions!

Course Overview

This 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India is an Intensive training with 2 long months of continuous study. It is worth to have some yoga knowledge and practise before joining an intensive course. The program consists of the foundational course — the 200 hour yoga teacher training followed by the advance level 2 course — the 300 hour yoga teacher training course.

By the end of the 500 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, you will be able to confidently teach a Yoga class suitable for all levels and offer modifications for students with injuries or physical limitations with the sound knowledge gained in anatomy and alignment classes during the ttc. This program is suitable for not just yoga teachers wanting to gain a certification but also for students who simply wish to deepen their knowledge. The 300 hour yoga teacher training will be an advance level laying more importance on other yogic aspects like studying advance yogic scriptures and in-depth, practising advance techniques of pranayama and kriyas, mudras , etc.

On completing all course requirements students will be awarded Yoga Alliance® USA approved 200 and 300 hour Teacher Training Certificates. To qualify for Yoga Alliance RYT 500 Certification, all you would further need is an actual teaching experience of 100 hours.

By the end of the yoga course, you will be able to teach the appropriately modified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Class for all levels and offer modifications to students with injuries or physical limitations.

  • A career to fall in love with and with yourself!
    Gain thorough understanding of the science of yoga
  • A confident voice to inspire other aspiring yogis and people from all walks of life.
  • The magical experience of living in India for one whole month as a yogi in the very birthplace of yoga – Rishikesh, amongst other yogis and saints and meeting likeminded people from all around the world. .
  • Become a skilled and a professional yoga teacher with a compassionate approach to share the love of yoga with others.
  • 200 hours plus 300 hours yoga certification enabling you to register as a RYT with Yoga Alliance, USA.

Syllabus Of 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course In Rishikesh, India



Hatha Yoga is considered to be the foundation of all yogic asana practices which sprout from its fundamental nature for creating a balance between the mind and body by accessing the inner roots of our being. This form of yoga plays a huge importance to breathing techniques.

Our regular Hatha Yoga teacher training in India comprises relatively paced practice of various hatha yoga postures, breathing awareness and techniques, and meditation practices. All of our classes begin and conclude with mantra chanting.

The practice of traditional Hatha yoga is aimed at balancing your body and stilling your mind, so it can be trained to stay healthy and keep away from external distractions that may hamper your practice. A Hatha Yoga TTC  in India practitioner ultimately cultivates a subtle consciousness within the body that assists in nurturing a meditative form.


500 hour multi style yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. follow the ancient tradition of Ashtanga Yoga as popularized by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Traditionally, yoga helps you in completely knowing yourself and calm yourself. However, this real meaning can get a bit lost amidst the practices of exercise-centric yoga that seems to be very popular nowadays. Ashtanga yoga courses in India, on the other hand, brings modern-day yogis back to the ancient roots of yogic practice.

Pattabhi’s Ashtanga yoga comprises a fixed series of postures linked together with breath. Unlike modern-day yoga practices, the Ashtanga sequence of postures remains the same, and the practice is traditionally performed without music, mood lighting, or other factors of the western yoga class. By taking away these external factors, Ashtanga Yoga TTC India practitioners are able to streamline their attention inward, focusing on the internal aspects of yoga rather than the physical.

During our Ashtanga yoga teacher training in India, we teach the whole primary series including rules of sequencing, pranayama, mantra chanting as well as drishti and bandha.


Often confused with ‘power yoga’, Vinyasa Yoga is a modern, fast-paced practice inspired from the Ashtanga Vinyasa system and the highly-revered Guru T. Krishnamacharya himself. This style of yoga is characterized by easing postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using the synchronization of breath and drishti.

The primary difference between Ashtanga and Vinyasa is that while the former follows a fixed sequence, the latter observes flowing of each pose organically and has no specific sequence. The dynamic nature of Vinyasa Yoga helps to acquire a more balanced body as well as prevent recurring motion injuries.

During our 500 hour yoga training program in Vinyasa practice, we focus primarily on training you in sharp sequencing that not only strengthens your body but also allows the energy to smoothly flow through. Our ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher training India is taught keeping in mind the principles of alignment, meaning that even though you will move between postures swiftly, you would be taught safe practices so as to avoid any injuries.



Completely opposite to the vigorous, fast-paced Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga styles, Yin Yoga focuses on the deep connective tissues of your body – the ligaments, bones, joints, and deep fascia networks. It’s gentler and more contemplative, allowing you space to turn inward and tune into your mind as well as the physical sensations of your body. In Yin Yoga, you hold your postures for a longer period than other traditional forms which means that you would stretch and lengthen those barely-used tissues as well as learn how to control you breathing through any discomfort.

On an energetic level, Yin yoga enhances energy flow and improves the flow of ‘chi’ in the organs but the practice also offers huge mental and emotional benefits too.

Usually, our Yin Yoga class includes of a series of passive floor asanas held for a longer duration, that primary focuses on the lower part of the body, namely the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine. These areas are specifically rich in connective tissues.



Mysore style yoga is the conventional way of practicing ashtanga yoga and offers an extremely personalized approach with all of the group energy of a conventional class. This style is different than any other method of teaching yoga in the way that during practice, the class is not instructed as a whole but it is more one-on-one training within the group.

At S V Yoga School, we learn Mysore style yoga every Saturday where you practice your own part of Ashtanga sequence of asanas at you own pace while the teacher assists each one of you individually by giving verbal as well as physical instructions on how to adjust and align your movements to get the best out of them.



Breathing is the first as well as the last thing we do in life. It is the only constant in our lives. However, regular stressors, worries and physical habits can lead to physical and energetic hindrances in our bodies. And, without even realizing it, our breathing gradually becomes light or unnatural and we develop unconscious dysfunctional breathing patterns that limit the flow of breath and prana.

When we work on liberating and controlling our breath through pranayama practices, we also allow the life energy to flow smoothly through the body. This kind of controlled and mindful breathing has the effect of revitalizing, calming and restoring the body, letting everything fall into its right place. At the same time, during our meditation classes, we also highlight the importance of correct breathing in coordination with asanas practice.



An important part of your 500 hour yoga teacher training in India, Philosophy classes play a very vital role in your yogic journey – almost as critical as your physical practice if not more. During these classes, you would learn about the chakras. With proper guidance you would learn how to connect with them and to empower them through various practices. Your philosophy class would also comprise a thorough study of the eight limbs of yoga as mentioned in the Yoga Sutra by Patanjali.

During the class, all of you are encouraged to actively participate and share your individual perspective towards yoga and its related practices. Furthermore, we would also talk about and learn how to implement these practices in our daily lives as we believe that yoga is not only about your time on the mat but also about your daily life.



We all know that yoga practice involves challenging your mind and body out of its comfort zone and unlock the flow and movement of energy throughout our body. But, at the very root of it, the practice requires a lot of vigorous physical movements. This is why, yoga places a very high significance on the study of human anatomy so you learn about each and every muscle and bone in your body. Keep in mind, this would also help you to guide your own classes should you choose to make a career out of your yoga training.

Our yoga teacher training course is structured in a way that it consists thorough knowledge of the organs, muscles, bones, joints, blood vessels and nerves within your body. Knowing the anatomy of your body is an added is vital so you learn which part of your body can sustain which type of injuries, which posture targets which muscle compartments and which asanas are specific to healing on injuries.



The importance of adjustment and alignment in yoga cannot be focused enough. An extremely critical topic, your adjustment and alignment lessons focus on teaching your how to adjust in each asana without causing any injuries to your body. It is done not only to prevent your body from any new stress or injury but also to avoid inflicting harm to any existing injuries.

In our Adjustment and Alignment class, you would learn to position your body exactly where it should be. At the same time, if you are pursuing the course to be a yoga teacher, you must learn how to work with your students and instruct them through various poses. By gaining a deeper understanding of anatomy, kinesiology and correct adjustment and alignment techniques, you can ensure that your students safely reap the benefits of yoga for years to come.


If you are learning yoga to be a teacher or to make a career out of it, our classes in Teaching Methodology should be of high importance to you because in these classes, you not only learn how to be an effective teacher but also the many responsibilities you have as a spiritual guide to your students. At the same time, you learn about the various principles, ethics, and value of yoga as well as teaching.

Additionally, we encourage complete participation during the class through various interactive exercises and mock scenarios that help you learn how to handle various situations in the future when you lead your own class.


Towards the end of every week, we conduct practicums where you get a chance to practically implement your learnings by starting to give demo teaching classes in smaller groups. These groups comprise of you batch mates which makes it easier for you to move through the class and build confidence. The classes are thoroughly observed by your mentor who, at the end of ever practicum, shares their valuable feedback with you in order to help you improve and reach your full potential.

Why Join S V Yoga School?

By taking part in our 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh, you will receive:

    • Advanced 500 hours Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training certificate with Yoga Alliance.
    • Learning many different styles of yoga asana that connect to the true tradition of a yogic lifestyle.
    • How to use different props the different levels of Asanas according to the nature of the body (BKS IYENGAR method of reaching the Asanas)
    • Gain a deeper understanding of your spiritual practices.
    • Lead by a dedicated team of well-trained, highly qualified yoga gurus.
    • Small class sizes to ensure you receive personal attention and care.
    • A laminated travel-size flow chart of specially designed Hatha yoga series, Ashtanga yoga Primary series, Vinyasa series, and hip-opening and back bending series, and much more.
    • Full-time assistance on-site to help you with anything you need – night or day.

500-hour Multistyle Yoga Teacher Training 2022-2023

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh : Daily Schedule

All packages include:

  • Registration Fee
  • Program Fee
  • 500-hour Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training certificate with Yoga Alliance at the end of the course
  • Study Material with necessary stationary
  • Yoga Kit with complimentary T-shirt and stainless-steel water bottle
  • Accommodation in a clean and spacious room
  • Three nutritious and healthy satvik meals per day from Monday till Saturday Lunch
  • Two herbal Tea daily and unlimited filtered drinking water
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary car service to and from Rishikesh airport/train station
  • Complimentary excursion during the course
  • Complimentary Ayurvedic Massage

Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

Visa Information:


You are advised to apply for ETourist visa only. People on 6 Month or 3 Months Visa or No other type of visa is applicable. And if you are applying for (Visa on Arrival – Tourist Visa) then refer this link – https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/tvoa.html


Cancellation Policy:


The deposit is non-refundable if the booking is canceled due to any reason.1 Time transfer to another month course is possible with prior 35 Days Notice. within 35 Days notice, No request will be accepted and your deposit amount will be forfeited.

The rest of the payment should be paid 1 day before the course commencing.

Please email to get any clarification or confirmation.


Strict Policy (No Refund):


No reason for sickness, travel to another part of India or any unavoidable circumstances will be accepted within 45 Days if someone wishes to cancel and get it to refund or transferred to another month within 45 Days from Date of starting the Course. In case of Cancellation for any reason or No-Show – Your deposited amount will be forfeited.2nd request to transfer to another month course will not be accepted and you need to send us a fresh request for joining. Rishikesh Vinyasa School reserves right to refuse your admission if you do not pay the balance fee in CASH upon arrival. Once you check In, Joined the course and then wishes to cancel will not be accepted and your Full payment of the fee will be forfeited.